Halloween Costumes

There are so many more Halloween costumes that I have made for the kids over the years.   Here are just a few for now.  I’ll start gathering more photos.  The giant pants might be my favorite. There is one kid in each leg, and that paisley part is perforated so they can see out.  Yes one kid is much shorter than the other.  They are bespoke pants.  It is a lot of denim.  Of course we had the question of how the kids would get the candy.  Well, unfortunately reaching out the fly was the most practical.  Once in motion, the pants kind of glided along the sidewalk, and they kids had worked out signals for making turns, because the outer leg has to travel further according to some law of physics.  They only fell once, on some steps, but a blood stained viking and a Campbell’s soup can helped them up.  Some deadbeat tried to get away with giving them one candy because it is one costume.  

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